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Gjilan Detention Center

Gjilan Detention Center was built in 1957 initially functioned under the administration of Gjilan Municipal Police,  after the war was taken in the administration of KFOR, and in January 2000  the International Civilian Police of UNMIK received it under the supervision  which has continued to administer the institution until February 2001 where was received under the administration of the Kosovo Correctional  Service .During that period has been under the management  of international staff  while in April 2005 were transferred the competences  to national management staff.

In Gjilan Detention Centre are placed the detainees  from Gjilan  nearby regions  and others, and admitted the persons   to serve the sentence  imposed by the municipal courts and minor offences. This facility has a capacity of 90 inmates placed  on three floors.

Gjilan Detention Centre has the library with 150 books of different genres in different languages, such as Albanian, Serbian, Turkish, English.