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Correctional Center for Women and Juveniles in Lipjan

Lipjan Correctional Center

Brief history

Lipjan Correctional Centre was built in 1978 as a correctional institution for juveniles and females, in the beginning was populated only with juveniles  while in 1981 has start populating with females. ..As  such institution operated until 1989 to start  then in 2000. During the period  1998-1999 destination of the center has been out of institutional management.

General Description

Lipjan Correctional Center for juveniles and females is an semi-open type institution the only one in Kosovo where are placed several  categories of prisoners as: juveniles with educational measure,  convicted juveniles and detained juveniles and convicted females and detainees and female juveniles . The juveniles are accommodated in separate buildings or floors while females  in the lack of space are together with  female juveniles .  due to overpopulation in  other correctional centers there is also a category of prisoners with short sentences or who are at the end of conviction (minor offence), this category is separated from other prisoners. The total capacity in Lipjan Correctional Center is 138 places  and 6 places  in special area . The outside parte is composed of  administration building, while the interior consists of residential facilities and  as .Ambulance , school, morthers home etc. Besides residential buildings we  have also 12 other supporting facilities.

Treatment and programs offered

Convicted prisoners within the day have access to various activities such as exercise in the fresh air, library, music programs, other cultural activities, sports etc.
Within the LCC is functioning the low secondary schools and high secondary schools within the public school in Lipjan, but there are significant problems in the coverage of the educational staff, we have professional(vocational) training of juveniles and females  in different fields such as computing (it), hydroinstallation, electrical installation, construction , hairdressing, tailoring and baker.
Within the LCC are  offered four regimes for prisoners as admission regime,Basic, Standard and Advanced regime .

Family visits for prisoners

In LCC visits to prisoners are  within 3 (three) days of the week as follows: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting at 8.30- 11.30 and from  12.30- 16.00 , according to the categories of prisoners, during the  visit are allowed 3  adults and 2 children. The visits for Detainees are allowed only with competent court authorization .This  institution also offers the possibility of additional visits in special cases with individual requests for family occasions that are in accordance with the law and regulations of the Kosovo Correctional Service.