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Correctional Center in Dubrava

A brief Background

The construction of the Dubrava prison began in 1976 and was completed and opened in 1986. At that time the capacity was around 1,000 prisoners and there was a sub-branch of the Dubrava Prison in Gurrakoc, where were concentrated prisoners with short sentences who worked in the chicken farm, machinist workshop, etc.

After the war, with the entry of KFOR troops and UNMIK administration, this institution began to be administered and rebuilt by UNMIK thanks to foreign donations. Initially were built the Wards 2, 3, 7 and 8 and in June 2000 were opened.

General Description

Dubrava prison is a high security level institution composed of several different sectors. The interior is divided into two parts where one of them is the area for the development of agriculture and other uses, and in the habitable part where mainly are located adult prisoners, but due to congestion in Detention Centers there are also detained persons.

Prisoners are placed in 8 residential Wards, while in the Hospital Ward are settled patients and mentally ill persons, who are provided medical assistance except severe cases which are sent to public hospitals. Whereas, outside the prison wall is the semi-open ward where are settled the low risk prisoners who have minimal escort. The capacity is 1114 beds, the Current Status is 846.

Regimes and Programs offered

The Prisoners in the Dubrava Prison have access to various activities like daily exercise, sports hall, sports fields, fitness room, library, and within this institution operates school named "Rudina" where the lessons are held in low, high level and  intense learning whereas currently are being  these trainings: accounting,computer, machinist, plumber  while in May will be put in function  three new workshops  funded by the European Agency for  Reconstruction on following profiles; electrician, plumber , carpentry and welding.

Dubrava provides 4 regimes for prisoners , basic, standard, advanced and semi-open Block ..